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Can Too Much Creativity Be An Issue?

How many of you out there have so many creative ideas that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed?

You can’t see me right now, but I’m raising my hand!

I find that I’m so full of ideas sometimes that I can’t function and start to shutdown. This usually results in me just lying around all day, letting my brain be loud. My head just gets too full sometimes with all of my ideas. It’s especially bad when it comes to writing, and with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in full swing, I’m finding that my brain is extra full of ideas and stories this month, which is both a good and bad thing.

Are there any other creatives out there that struggle with this?

Digital Artwork by Coutts Creations.
Digital Artwork by Coutts Creations.

I know I can’t be the only one, so I want to share some ways to quiet my brain and focus on one thing at a time, especially when I’m trying to write a novel in a month!

  1. Journaling- When my head is exceptionally full, I turn to my journal. It’s a quick and easy way to jot down whatever I’m thinking, and it allows me to get it out so that I can focus on my current project. It also means that I can go back later and see what I was thinking. I’ve pulled so many story ideas from my journal ramblings!
  2. Music- This might not be a super popular option, but it works really well for me. Sometimes adding a different type of noise helps me focus and quiets everything else. Anyone that knows me well knows that music is a massive part of my life and I’m almost always listening to something. In fact, I’m listening to music as I write this!
  3. Changing Tasks- Get up, move around, take a walk, do a puzzle. Do anything that engages your brain differently. If you’re writing and you’re overwhelmed with all of the ideas, take a step back. Get up, move around, and find something mindless that you can focus on for a bit. I will usually watch something or work on a puzzle. It’s incredible how a 30-minute break can settle your creativity.
Coutts Creations NaNoWriMo 2020 Project Cover Art
Coutts Creations NaNoWriMo 2020 Project Cover Art

These are just a few ways that I focus my energy when I’m working on a project. I’d love to hear some of your methods for harnessing all of that creative energy! Leave a comment below!

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Digital Artwork of BTS by Coutts Creations
Digital Artwork of BTS by Coutts Creations

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