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Exploring Creativity

You know how, when you’re younger, you feel like anything is possible? You believe that you can be an astronaut or a bestselling author, a painter, or an artist. When we were kids, we thought that we could do anything and everything, and our creativity was at an all-time high because our imaginations had yet to be dampened by the world around us. How can we bring that feeling back as adults?

I think about this a lot. I was so creative as a kid, and I lost it somewhere along the way to adulthood. When I was younger, creativity was my escapism. I would read a book and be transported to another planet, a world filled with elves and dragons, or become a detective in a murder mystery. I could be anything I wanted to be.

I hit a wall, maybe in high school and through college, and most of my 20s, where I wasn’t very creative at all. I focused on school or work, and with that, everything else just wasn’t as necessary. There wasn’t time for it. I also told myself that this is what it meant to be an adult. I was supposed to have a 9-5 job, and creative pursuits would be hobbies. I had this preconceived notion of what it meant to be an adult, and by putting myself in that box, I lost a large piece of myself.

One of the reasons I started taking more photos through college and in my 20s was because it was my only creative outlet. It was a way to express myself. When I look back, I feel like one of the reasons I felt so out of sorts and unhappy was because I was fighting against myself. I didn’t think that I could be creative, that I had time to be creative, that I should be creative.

I continued on this path for years before slowly finding my way back to my creative side. I started writing more, taking more photographs, sketching, and reading more. It took me almost ten years to get back to that creative space that I told myself I couldn’t indulge.

This is only one reason I want to work with and assist other creatives with their branding and marketing. I believe that we feed off each other’s’ creativity, and by supporting and empowering one another, we can grow and continue to explore our creativity together.

Dream. Discover. Explore,



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