S3E8: Travel Snacks with Geneva Lutomski-Packing Secrets and Tips

Superstar podcast guest Geneva of Unwrap Your Map is back again!

Our second episode of Travel Snacks with Geneva takes a look at how to pack for extended travel abroad. We discuss tips and tricks for picking the right clothing, types of bags, and how to organize your pack so you can travel light for as long as you need to!

 About Geneva and Unwrap Your Map:
Geneva is an avid traveler who has been wandering the world for the last six years, searching for adventure.

She's lived in 7 U.S. States and six countries on four continents and has been to 45 countries. She loves venturing to new places, exploring new languages, food, and cultures. 

It's easy to get wrapped up in the rat race and put our dreams and goals to the side, but we all know how that usually ends. 

With the trend of transformative travel on the rise, it's no secret that great things can come from seeking new experiences, exploring new places, and making new friends. Travel can help you experience personal and professional growth through trips of all sizes, be it a two-week vacation or a gap year abroad. 

Travel Coaching with UYM aims to help you achieve your travel goals and have better, more meaningful travel experiences. This way, you can focus on living life and not just working for the weekend. (www.unwrapyourmap.com)

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