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Witchy Ways: A Murderino Photo Shoot


The spooky season is upon us! I know I can't be the only one out there that absolutely adores Halloween and wishes it could be year-round. I feel at my best and most creative in October as well. Maybe it's because Libra season is in full force. I also see October as a season of change, both figuratively and literally. October is when I start planning for the next year and start working out what changes I want to make next year and my goals. The weather usually starts to change around this time and begins to get colder, which invigorates me and makes me feel more creative. Anyone else out there feel more creative in the fall?

This year I wanted to embrace my love for all things spooky by doing a witch-themed Halloween photoshoot. There are many creative photoshoots that I want to do, but before moving to North Carolina, I hadn't really done a lot of them. The main reason being I was too scared to put myself out there and ask strangers to model for me. I was scared to share my ideas with others that I didn't know. I wanted to change that, and why not start with a spooky photoshoot.

Some of you probably already know this about me, but I'm a massive fan of the podcast, My Favorite Murder. Fans of the podcasts call themselves murderinos, and you can find us everywhere. One of the first things I did when I moved to North Carolina was to find the closest group of murderinos on Facebook. The second thing was to introduce myself, and the third was to ask if anyone would want to be in my witchy photoshoot.

To my complete surprise, I got so many responses that I had to break the shoot up into two days to fit everyone! It was a fantastic experience, but before I get into that, I want to show you how I plan my photoshoots and where I find my inspiration.


When I meet with someone about a photoshoot or have an idea for a shoot, I immediately start thinking about its aesthetic or vibe. What does my client want to convey, or what am I trying to show through my photography. When it comes to working with clients, I'll sit down and ask them a series of questions to better understand what they want to show through their photos and how they plan to use them.  I base many of my shots on feelings and emotions and always want my clients to come away seeing and feeling specific emotions through the photos we've created together.

For creative shoots, I have slightly different processes. I often get ideas for shoots when listening to music. That means that I already have an emotion to tie to the photoshoot. When inspiration hits, I jot down potential poses and photos that I want to take. I also note any makeup or props that I want to include. Sometimes, I'll sketch out the shots I want to get as well.

Now that I've got an idea of the creative shoot I want to do or have spoken with my client, I can create a shoot plan and inspiration board. I love this part, and honestly, sometimes, I just put together shoot plans or mood boards for shits and giggles. I like to use Canva to build my plans and hop on Pinterest to find photos and inspiration that match the shoot's vibe. Once I've put it all together, depending on the type of shoot, I'll also recommend outfits and color palettes for my clients.

When it came to the Murderino Witch photoshoot, I wanted it to have a dark feeling, but my goal was to feature women looking confident and sexy with a spooky vibe. I provided a mood board with some inspiration, and they all pulled through with some fantastic outfits! I couldn't believe how amazing they all looked and some of the photos we got. The best thing about the shoot, though, was getting to meet so many amazing, wonderful women that were willing to put themselves out there to help me bring my vision to life.

Thank you, Triangle/Central NC Murderinos!

I'll be posting photos from the session over on Instagram @msfayephoto. Also be sure to support these amazing ladies on Instagram!

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Recommended song: Fleetwood Mac- Dreams

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